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Post  The Top Destruction on Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:46 pm

* A black limo arrives at the parking lot and a guy steps out wearing all black armor with a orange mask.
Don: Who is this kid.. i have never seen him around before!!
[color=darkred]Chris Kayoz: He is wearing all black so my guess is he is hiding something behind him
* The unknown wrestler is pushing everyone away and is trying to make his way to the ring but someone stops by and asks him who he is but he doesnt answer and he keeps walking.
* the unknown wrestler makes his way to the ring and everybody has no idea who this guy is.
Unknown Wrestler: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen this federation i will Destroy all the wrestlers in the locker room.. and i have brought a dummy with me to show you what i can do.. i just need one person out from the crowd.
* Unknown Wrestler picks a fan out and tells him to come to the ring and so the guy comes to the ring.*
Unknown Wrestler: Hello and what is your name?
Fan: My name is A.J.
* Before he could say his last name Unknown wrestler attacks the fan and hits him with a LEGENDARY Finisher.
Unknown Wrestler: This is what i can do to all you guys in the locker room! DESTROY YOU!!! i will reveal myself next week.
Don: What the heck! he just attacked one of our fans! What is this kid doing..? is he out of his mind?
Chris Kayoz: I have no idea but i guess we will figure out who this is next week
* Unknown Wrestler exits the ring and heads back to his car*

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