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Post  "Fallen" Warrior on Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:10 pm

A promo on the titantron is shown, it is of footage from the PPV, where Portuguese Warrior won the Fallen Title.

Sudenly the screen goes dark, and it shows Tom Scott beating on Portuguese Warrior on last tuesday nigh.

A phrase reads on the screen "But, the Fallen shall Rise again".

Portuguese Warrior is walking around backstage, with a bandage wrapped around his head, as Keri Richardson comes up to interview him.

Keri Richardson: I am now joined at this time by the one, the only, the Fallen Champion... Portuguese Warrior

Portuguese Warrior: Always a pleasure Miss Richardson

Keri lets out a little smile

Keri Richardson: First of all, I have to congratulate you for your win at the ppv, since I have not yet had the chance

Portuguese Warrior: Thank you darling... I'm guessing there is a second ?

Keri Richardson: You know me so well

They both share a little laugh

Keri Richardson: How you enjoying the name you have made for yourself, as the "Fallen Warrior" ?

Portuguese Warrior: Haha, I'm loving it, the respect from the roster, the love from the fans, the attention, I live for this, this is what I worked for, and it happened... I couldn't be more pleased

Keri Richardson: I imagine how you are going to be greeted back at Portugal...

Portuguese Warrior: I got the most amazing reception when I went there during the season break, it was crazy, they think of me as a bloddy hero! Kids want look at me as a role model, men want to be me, women want me, its just crazy, but I couldnt be happier

Keri's face changes to more serious

Keri Richardson: Now, on a more serious note, you ready for your "return" match, and first match as Fallen Champion tonight, against Ben Malacam ?

Portuguese Warrior: Well, I have to admit I have a bit of rust, and Ben has a good chance on capitalizing on that... but as always Ill give it my best, and as champion I will not disapoint every single fan that comes to this arena, I promise they will have the time of their lifes

Keri Richardson: As always, I know you will deliver

Portuguese Warrior: Anything else darling ?

Keri Richardson: No, I think thats it... oh, wait, I almost forget, how do you feel about Tom Scott ?

Portuguese Warrior clinches his fist

Portuguese Warrior: I realize the man is a legend in the bussiness, I realize he deserves nothing but respect... but his actions this tuesday, they were just dispicable...

Keri Richardson: And what do you plan on doing ?

Portuguese Warrior: Tom will get his, when the time is right, so Tom if your looking "Be looking over your shoulder"

Tom Scott enters the interview area

Tom Scott: Yeah... Im here, and listening... and not looking over no shoulder

Tom Scott grins

Portuguese Warrior: Put your little (Censored) smile away please

Tom Scott: So, you aint gonna beat me ? If you can, that is

Portuguese Warrior: Of course I can, but your time shall come mate, see you around

Gets up close in Tom's face

Portuguese Warrior: Live in fear, buddy

Portuguese Warrior leaves, while saying "I may be down but I shall rise again"


Needs colouring, pls give me some feedback

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