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An Awaited Return

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An Awaited Return Empty An Awaited Return

Post  Gustavo on Thu Jan 12, 2012 8:57 am

As the camera fades in, from another sluggish advertising from products you have no use to but still wants to buy, it focuses on the announce table.

Don Jackson : Chris, look at my phone for a moment, I got a text from Reaper. It reads ....

Chris Kayoz : Really Don? Oh my, this wasn't expected!

Chris raises from his chair, removes his headseat, and grabs a mic.

He then steps to the middle of the ring, and prepares to adress to the crowd.

Chris lifts the mic up, and starts to speak

Chris Kayoz: Ladies and ...

Crush 'Em by Megadeth starts to play, interrupting Chris

Reaper steps out to the ramp, and starts laughing

Reaper: Really Chris? You thought I would let you do this boring shout to the audience once again? I feel for their ears every time you do that.

Don Jackson: Trolling. Even in wrestling this exists.

Reaper: Please Chris, step away from the ring and go back to your place before I decide to use your contract as a first fire for my fireplace.

Chris steps out of the ring, and walks back to the announce table, as Reaper walks in direction to the ring.

Chris Kayoz: You see what I have to face every day? He wasn't supposed to be GM, look at him, making fun of such good emplyees like myself.

Don Jackson: Quiet down Chris, I wanna see why he has such a smile on his face today.

Reaper: So, wrestling lovers, SIK fans, did you like the change?

Crowd screams: YEAH!

Reaper: I got one more surprise for you today. You may remember someone that debuted last season in FFI. He had a, lets say, controversial debut. He came in the arena, said he was ready to go. Then, he attacked Trey Johnson with other wrestlers.

Crowd boos

Reaper: I know, I know. You have no fond feelings for him, that is obvious. But, I guess you guys should change your mind.

Crowd boos

Don Jackson: Change your mind? I thought he was going to be fired from the last PPV

Chris Kayoz: No, he wasn't. I hope he was at least, he's another disrespectful guy.

Reaper: Well, I'll stop blabbering about sentimental things and do what I promised to do.

The lights begin to get dimmer and dimmer

Reaper: Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to introduce to you, the controversial, and lets say, biggest, rising star you have ever witnessed...

Crowd goes quiet

Reaper: Gustavo "Gunner" !

Facing Hell by Ozzy Osbourne starts to blow on the speakers

Gunner steps out to the Ramp, as the tron plays and the lights start flashing blue and white.

He stares at the arena, as the crowd is divided in cheers and boos.

He looks at every single chair, every single face from every single fan, then goes to the middle of the ramp.

He puts both his arms down, forming an X with them, and spreads them wide open, as pyro blows up over him, and from the ground.

He then runs to the ring, and slides into it, standing up to stare at Reaper.

He starts talking to Reaper, but the music is so loud the TV won't pick up the chatter.

Reaper then hands him a mic.

Gunner: Thank you Reaper.

Music is still playing

Gunner: Cut that out please.

Music is cut

Gunner: So, what is all that surprised look on your faces people? Thought that Trey broke my leg and I would run away for that?

Crowd chants : Who cares?

Gunner: Ah, I see, so you guys think I'm still that old dumbass that was here last time? Guess what, you're wrong!

Crowd keeps chanting

Gunner: Reaper, thanks for calling me back in man, I owe you one.

Reaper shrugs

Reaper: Lartikus said you're good for business. What can I say?

Gunner: Yeah, right. Business is about to pick up soon, believe me. Thanks for introducing me again.

Reaper leaves the ring and goes back to his locker room

Gunner: Okay, so, SIK fans, boo me all you want, you will soon see the new version of me. Things WILL change around here.

Gustavo drops the mic, and goes back to his locker room.

Don Jackson: Great, he's back, new leg and new attitude

Chris Kayoz: Hope he gets his butt kicked in the match soon enough.

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An Awaited Return Empty Re: An Awaited Return

Post  HVGM Tom Scott on Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:06 am

Great rp gus, loved the part about trolling

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Post  Reaper on Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:38 am

GUS use John plz


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