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The darkness is growing stronger

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The darkness is growing stronger Empty The darkness is growing stronger

Post  Malphis on Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:57 pm

"SIK!SIK!SIK!" The camera is showing all the screaming fans chanting S.I.K, While chanting they slowly calm down and a voice is heard

Voice:"So called champions are suppose to represent a company....."

Just as the voice stops Freak on a leech by Korn plays. The lights suddenly go out as the song starts then back on with Malphis standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone

Malphis:(Looking over his shoulder at all the fans holding their signs)"You..."

Malphis turns around to look at one of the fans.

Malphis:"That sign....."

The camera zooms on the sign it says: "Rated Rs is an impact."

Malphis:(Staring at the fan)"You think Rated Rs is an impact?..... Well from my knowledge Rated Rs has done nothing except attack an injured Big Murph last week..."(Putting his right leg through the ropes and onto the apron followed by the least of his body)"Well that and find a broad in Rebecca Great our general manager...."

Malphis drops from the apron and walks over to the barricade where the fan is.

Malphis:"Hey don't hide buddy."

The fan is trying to duck between the others fans in the crowd

Malphis:(Grabbing the fan's sign.)"Come on man be calm, This is S.I.k you are suppost to enjoy it, Now this sign... Nice work on this by the way."

Malphis looks back at the fan who is staying as far as he can from Malphis

Malphis:(Looking at the sign)"Hey don't worry this is a good sign you should be an artist...Too bad i don't like art!"

malphis grasp the sides and rips the sign apart

Malphis:"I hope that Rated likes you because if you ever make me mad again you will not make it into another S.I.K ARENA!"

Malphis slowly walks back over to the ring and enters it

Chris Kayoz:"Alright, This is just not right! These people paid good money! They should express themselves!"

Don Jackson:"I don't think that is a smart move when Malphis is around partner."

Malphis:"I do not understand what you people like about Rated Rs...Maybe it is because he is a coward like all of you. He took the coward way out when he won the impact title and he will be a coward when he loses the impact title tonight!"

"Although i am disappointed i didn't get a match for the impact title i know that Tom Scott is getting the title match, So rated it is time to say good bye to your title reign."

The fans boo malphis

Malphis:"Atleast after tonight one of these Ass kissing fakes that you people call champions will be removed, But there is still Portuguese Warrior and Big Murph. last week i made an example out of Big Murph when he joined my inductions of darkness."

"Oh and Rated Rs there is prove because last week after my match with Big Murph he had no business being there. Although i did enjoy the pain the put apon Big Murph he should not of come down and it is obvious that Rated Rs is the biggest Ass kisser of them all as he is even dating the General manager."

The fans cheer "Rated!Rated!"

malphis:"Oh be quite, You think the superstars in the back care about you idiots?"

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