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Post  Reaper on Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:16 pm

[center]Crush em starts blaring out of the speakers the crowd stands up some cheering some booing chanting you walked out you walked out but a hush falls over the crowd as Reaper walks out onto the ramp way mic in hand .
Reaper stare around the arena looking at all the fans some wearing you walk out T-shirts other holding up Welcome back Reaper signs .
Reaper : OK like I said last Tuesday I explain somethings as to why I did what I did at last season PPV.
Crowd chants you walked out you walked out .
Reaper OK yeah I walked out on FFI at PPV but why did I walk Cause my job was done .
Don Jackson : What he mean his job was done he beat Showtime for the Impact title then seconds later layed down and gave it to Rated rs .
A hush falls over the Crowd as Reaper continues .
Reaper : Now as I said after my match in Dallas with Daitezen I seem to have suffer a head trauma and didn't get the results until after my match with my friend Trey Johnson who happen to have also been injured at the time .
Chris Kayoz : Yeah well he leased he was smart enough to listen to his Doctor .
Reaper : Well a few days later I got a phone call from my friend .
Reaper pauses for a little while as the crowd chants Trey Trey Trey
Reaper : He explain to me how he was going to step down as COO of FFI well now Slk and hand the job over to his brother John . He then asked me if I'd be willing to stick around and help his brother as GM of FFI ,to watch John back to back his Brother play .
Reaper : I agreed as a favour to a friend .
John Larkitus walks out mic in hand
John Larkitus : Reaper Reaper nice of you to decide to show up and grace us all with your presents ,Now I've been calling you everyday sent the PPV wanting to know why you did what you did the board of governors want to know why you did what you did and you'll answer me right now ...
Reaper :laughs John John nice to see you and hey glad to see you grow a pair man now suck them back in and opening your ears .
Reaper : I agree to stick around to watch over you for your brother and you knew about my injury and that I didn't want to be in a match at PPV but you Stuck me in against Showtime for the title .
Don Jackson : He knew the man was injured ?
John Larkitus: Reaper you where down as an active member of FFI roster and it as my job to make sure the best match up took place at PPV and to keep rating high.
Reaper laughs again yeah ratings that what your all about isn't John you keep the rating going up and you get a bigger bonus at the end .
Reaper : Well John I layed down and gave you your ratings as well as a Rated champion , come on John that must have blow the ratings through the roof John .
John Laritus looks red face places his mic behind him and a hand over Reaper mic .
Chris Kayoz : man I wish I could read lips
John Larkitus turns around and storm off back stage mic come flying out from the back trash cans can be heard banging around .
Reaper : laughs sentative little guy John don't you wanted to know why I came back .
Reaper make a gesture of a title belt around his waist with his hands
Don Jackson : He here for a title .
Chris Kayoz : Yes Don that what he gesturing but what title and for whom .
Reaper lays down his mic turn and walk away to the crowd cheering his name .


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