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Post  Big Murph on Thu Jan 12, 2012 8:57 pm

[Ringside, Announcer's Desk]

[color=orange]The camera shows us the announcer's desk where Don Jackson & Chris Kayoz are conversing during a lull in the show and as the signal is given, they cue there mics & Don leads off...

Don Jackson: "Welcome back, ladies & gentlemen to SIK! Chris, earlier tonight, we saw that clip of Big Murph at the nightclub having a few drinks & an interview with Michael Lee; are you surprised that neither Lee nor Big Murph brought up that beating Murph received at the hands of Malphis on Tuesday Night Bloodbath?"

Chris Kayoz: "Actually, Don, I'm not. I think that clip was shot BEFORE Tuesday Night Bloodbath and I have that on good authority. But I'm curious to see..."

Suddenly, "Thru The Wire" by Kanye West blares through the arena and Big Murph appears at the entrance ramp sporting bandages on his ribs and one on his forehead. The crowd erupts into a frenzy, chanting, "BIG MURPH!!, BIG MURPH!!, BIG MURPH!!". Murph makes a bee line for the ring & grabs a mic then silences the crowd & music with a hand gesture before he speaks...

Big Murph: "Maybe, after 4 seasons in this federation, you guys have forgotten just WHAT I'm capable of AND WHO I am...(pauses for a moment)...Well, allow me to re-introduce myself: I am theFIRST EVER Risinq Star Champion! I am The man who ended a wrestler's career as a rookie in the business!! I...AM...BIG MURPH! Malphis beat my ass on Bloodbath because he says I cost him the Risinq Star title; when, in actuality, he cost HIMSELF that title. I was the better man that night, point blank, Period. Then, we have Rated RS...(crowd boos loudly at the mention of Rated's name)...last season, he had me attacked by his band of b****** and on our first show of the new season AND new name, he feels the need to hit me with the Punjabbi Beast Leg Drop. (censored)ing Coward, flat out. So, I'll tell you what; I don't care what or who I have to talk to/persuade, but I want a triple threat match! If you don't accept, I WILL make you. Oh, one more thing: I keep seeing these 'Resurrection of The Smoke Warrior' videos and Malphis, hear me when I tell you this, keep (censored)ing with me and I'll Cement your Resurrrection before it can start! And that's a guaranteed promise."

Big Murph drops the mic and leaves the ring, thenwalks up the entrance ramp as the crowd goes insane as the scene fades

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