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HeftyDodo's Debut

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HeftyDodo's Debut Empty HeftyDodo's Debut

Post  Guest on Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:19 pm

Entering through the titantron, wearing ridiculous clothing, a man stood with a microphone at the very start of the entrance.

“My name is HeftyDodo. I am an new wrestler that have come into this business. I have dominated the independent leagues for a long time. Now let me tell you people about me…”

He walks down the ramp and stops half-way.

“I deteste many things. I aime many things. As some of you have just noticed, I am also bilingual. Perhaps I should do play some question and answers?”

HeftyDodo walks up to one of the fans and puts the microphone near his mouth.

“What does Mr. Uncreative have for me?”

The fan thinks for half a minute before responding.

“Why do you dress in such a ridiculous outfit, you freak?”

HeftyDodo looks appalled for a while before smiling widely.

“Well Mr. Uncreative, I wear this because I am like this. I am, what would you call it; the opposite of uncreative? Ah yes! Creative!”

HeftyDodo walks away from the fan and enters the ring.

“Unlike you people.” He points towards the crowd and walks around in a circle to point out everyone. “Like you and you and you.”

“I am actually a creative person. I am a talented person. I am a powerful person. What do you people think of me now?”

The fans begin booing HeftyDodo for his ego.

“I doubt any of you have the gall to take me on.” He laughs and sits down in the middle of the ring, before bending over backwards and shouting, “QUACK!”


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