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Post  Vahn on Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:03 am

Somewhere in the locker rooms Michael Lee is searching for a certain wrestler before eventually coming into one locker room and by the clear smile on his face. He had found who he was looking for as he entered the locker room with Camera crew behind him , they would come close to Vahn who seems to be watching the television the live broadcast of S.I.K

Michael Lee:Well if it isn't Vahn so tell me how does it feel to lose the shot of a life time at the last pay-per view?

Vahn would just only turn his head to Michael Lee before just placing his hand on his ski mask


Michael Lee:You can't just shush me! We are doing an interview right now and you will answers the questions besides whats so important that you have to shush me.....Wait a minute are you watching S.I.K. at this very moment when I am trying to get an answer from you?

Vahn:Pretty much

Michael Lee:Why are you watching it?

Vahn:Isn't it obvious?.... For the next match

Michael Lee would look at the television then back at the camera before walking away frustrated

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