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A little surprise for Portuguese Warrior

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A little surprise for Portuguese Warrior Empty A little surprise for Portuguese Warrior

Post  Malphis on Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:00 pm

The camera comes onto the parking lot, Rated Rs and Portuguese Warrior are standing by a door talking

Rated Rs:(Looking down around Portuguese Warrior's fallen title)"Man,I am sick of everyone saying i don't deserve my title, What till i beat Tom Scott tonight."

Portuguese Warrior:"It's alright man, Don't worry about it, But uhh i got to go. But we can meet up get a few drinks later if you up for it?"

Rated Rs:"Alright catch ya later."

Rated Rs waves to Portuguese warrior then exits through the door. Portuguese Warrior grabs his suitcase and walks down to the vehicles

Portuguese Warrior:(Looking around)"Dawm now where is that car."

Portuguese seems to have found it and walks over, He reaches in his pocket grabbing a key out. Portuguese Warrior sticks it in the boot key lock and opens the boot and turns around, Portuguese lifts his suitcase

Portuguese Warrior:[color=orange]"Time to get out of here."[color]

Before Portuguese Warrior turns around a figure rises from the boot, It seems to be Malphis.


Portuguese Warrior turns around getting hit by a steel pipe in the throat and falls on the ground holding his throat.

Malphis:(Exiting the boot)"Oh port, I didn't see you there."

malphis grabs Portuguese Warrior by the hair, Portuguese Warrior tries to fight back throwing fist into Malphis's stomach but to no effect.

Malphis laughs then grabs his opponent by the neck and the groin, lifts him over his head
and lets him fall behind his back smashing into the boot of Portuguese Warrior's car with strength by performing a Fantastic Gorilla Press Slam onto the boot of a car!!

Chris Kayoz:"I don't think there is anywhere you can hide from Malphis and now Portuguese Warrior is going to suffer."

Malphis looks down at Portuguese Warrior and smiles.

Malphis picks up the steel pipe again

Don Jackson:"Come on Port you have to do something."

Malphis gets down on his knees and shoves the steel pipe into Portuguese Warrior's throat choking him.

While choking Portuguese Warrior Malphis opens his mouth allowing some kind of smoke come out and blind Portuguese Warrior. Finally malphis realeses his grip.

Malphis lifts Portuguese Warrior by his hair and just stares at him intensely for a few seconds then behind him.

Don Jackson:"Come on where the hell are the security!!"

Malphis pulls Portuguese Warrior's lifeless body around the car. malphis lifts Portuguese Warrior on his shoulder.

Some referees and doctors run through the door

Referee:"MALPHIS! STOP!"

Malphis doesn't listen and runs forward launching Portuguese Warrior off his shoulder through the glass of the car, Landing Portuguese Warrior inside the car.

The referees and doctors get to the car separating Malphis from Portuguese Warrior

Malphis:"It's been nice talking to you again port.... By the way i hope you have car insurance because someone smashed it up a bit..."

The door opens again and Rated Rs runs in, Malphis turns and sees him coming

Malphis:"Sorry rated your too late, I got to go."

The lights go out in the parking lot and back on when Malphis is gone, Rated Rs looks around then quickly runs over to tend to Portugese Warrior with the camera fading out.


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