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Before HeftyDodo's match

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Before HeftyDodo's match Empty Before HeftyDodo's match

Post  Guest on Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:41 pm

Music playing, HeftyDodo walks down the ramp, with a microphone in hand.

HeftyDodo: As you all have just witnessed, Big Murph and ILL Pr3daTor have just struck up friendship after ILL was, rightfully so, attacked by his former tag partner. Now I will be facing Big Murph, and I will pay retribution.

HeftyDodo gets in the ring, as a chorus of boos sound from the crowd.

HeftyDodo: Boo all you want. I rose above the hate long ago! Watch…

He points at the crowd.

HeftyDodo: I will be cheered by all of you, sooner or later! And by then I will have gone through the roster! Bring my opponent out here. He will be the first to feel humiliation.

The crowd boos even more, while HeftyDodo looks around and smiles before shaking his head.

HeftyDodo: “Enough talk, get him out here! QUACK!”


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