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Reaper Meets Jason

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Reaper Meets Jason  Empty Reaper Meets Jason

Post  Reaper on Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:55 pm

Reaper walking down the when he runs into Jason ,the two men size each other up .
Reaper : Well hell you are a big boy .
Jason stand breathing heavy .
Reaper : Well do you speak our do you just stand around trying to look scary ?
John Larkitus come out of a near by locker room .
John Larkitus :He speaks just he like to do his talking in the ring .
Reaper : Little Johnny (smiles ) you've come out from your hinding spot .
John Larkitus : Reaper I don't hide as you can see i brought in some real talent .
Reaper : Yeah this guy big looks tough to and to be honest he kinda creepy looking .
John Larkitus : Reaper Jason here to take out the trash my Brother Trey brought into this company .
Reaper looks around sweet smack Jason on the bicep .
Reaper : Big man Trey brought in a lot of trash when he show up today you have a hell of a job ahead of you.
Jason shoves Reaper .
John Larkitus : Reaper I mean people like you guys past there time guy that are unwanted like Trey and Daitezen .
Reaper : Well it going take more then a dude in a mask to scare me .
Reaper reaches his hand out grab hold of Jason mask pulls it outwards .
Reaper : damit man keep the mask on good call .
Reaper turns walks away down the hall .
John Larkitus places his hand on Jason stopping him from going after Reaper.
John Larkitus : No my friend save it for in the ring .
Jason turn slams his fist against the locker room door as the camera zoom out .


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