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cross bone matches

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cross bone matches Empty cross bone matches

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:57 am

"Music start to play " cross bones come out wearing black pants,and a white t-shirt . He walk down the ramp heading for the ring to slide in.

-crowd cheering cross bones,cross bones ,cross bones-

-cross bones walk tot the end of the ring to tell the announcer to hand hem a microphone-

Cross bones : before I start talking let me say hello my fans. I have been booked two matches for me today guessed who made those matches for me John Lantikus . Yes your idiot coo and general manager.I'm facing Gustavo the first man I went against on the night of my debut plan on beating hem because of my first lost . Then we have low ki this will be my first match against hem . There no way I losing that match.

-cross bones get a smirk on his face-

Announcer : there a guy I like come out here with confidence about who his going to beat. We need more guy like hem.

Announcer : did you here what he just said about our general manager he call hem a idiot.


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