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End of last weeks show

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End of last weeks show Empty End of last weeks show

Post  Guest on Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:02 pm

The ring is empty as we await the next set of action. The camera zooms in on the announcers table where Don and Chris are having a chat.

Don Jackson: "Chris, we haven't spoken about what happened after we went off air last week. Whats your thoughts on it?"

Chris Kayoz: "I take it your talking about the aftermath of the Trey Johnson/ Jura match?"

Don: "What else Chris? When that sore loser Jura lost his temper in the ring after Trey beat him. And after all his talk about calling Trey a coward and thats what he does."

Chris: "I think we should run the tape and let everyone see what happened off air."

The tron lights up with footage from last weeks show.

Rudolph the Blue Nose Reindeer bounces against the ropes
and dives on Jura with a Heroic The Long Way Down!!
Referee starts counting...

Trey makes his way up the ramp waving to the fans, his music blaring, the crowd cheering in approval for his unexpected victory. Trey disappears through the curtains and the camera returns to the ring where a very angry Jura is standing, looking around himself wondering what just happened.

Jura's eyes alight on the referee and he makes his way aggressively towards him. We cant hear what Jura is saying but he is waving his fingers in front of the referee in imitation of a very fast 1,2,3 count. The referee is shaking his head and showing Jura a patient, slow 3 count but this just seems to infuriate Jura more. Then without warning Jura grabs the referee by the wrist in an aikido hold setting him up for the infamous Jura's Snare.

In the background we can hear Chris and Don

Chris: "Oh no, he's about to lock the Jura's Snare in, he'll break the ref's wrist or even his arm."

Don: "No! That slimy creep! Picking on the ref just cause he couldn't beat Trey."

In the ring Jura twists the refs wrist viciously forcing him to the floor executing a Jura's Snare.

Jura laughs as we see the referee screaming in agony. He keeps the hold locked on while the referee frantically taps the canvas begging to be released. Eventually we see the wrist pop and the referee screams in agony. In disgust Jura throws the arm away, the camera catching the hand flopping in an un-natural angle before quickly changing to a long range view.

The tron goes blank as we return to tonights show.

Chris: "Eughh!! I'd forgotten just how sickening that was. What a nasty piece of work that Jura is"

Don: "I agree. Lockdown champion or not, I think he should be stripped of his title and suspended. But it wont happen. Jura is too much of a fans favourite to be suspended from the show. I just hope Trey manages to give him another beating tonight."

Chris: "Yeah! Go Trey!"


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