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The Champion has a Question Empty The Champion has a Question

Post  ILL Pr3daTor on Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:55 pm

The camera shows ILL Pr3daTor in the middle of the ring.

ILL Pr3daTor: I was going to tell you this last week but Heftydodo decided to attack me from behind. Good thing im just so good and he got the worst of it.

The crowd cheers.

ILL Pr3daTor: I dont know what to do guys. My tag partner has turned against me and Big Murph hasnt been seen in 2 weeks.

The crowd starts to chant ILL Pr3daTor.

ILL Pr3daTor: What should I do? Tag with Insane for the title or forfeit it?

The crowd chants tag.

ILL Pr3daTor: That is what I will do then. Since I know im going to lose my title because Insane has turned against me, im just going to come out and say it. Portuguese Warrior I want a title match for your title!

ILL Pr3daTor walks out of the ring as the camera fades out.
ILL Pr3daTor
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