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 Tag Time for the ppv Empty Tag Time for the ppv

Post  ILL Pr3daTor on Fri Feb 03, 2012 7:28 pm

Music plays and ILL Pr3daTor walks to the ring

ILL Pr3daTor: You fans out there said you wanted me to tag for the title tonight. So, I am. Insane decided not to show up though so I dont have a partner. I also will be competing in the elimation chamber match for the Risinq Star title. What will happen in that match will blow your mind. Since I agreed to be in the match I found myself a partner.

ILL Pr3daTor smiles

Music plays and Gustavo walks to the ring

The crowd gasps

ILL Pr3daTor: Here is my partner. GUSTAVO!!!!!!!!

The crowd boos

Gustavo: No need to boo, I have changed. I no longer follow Couragesand around and do his dirty work. No tells me what to do anymore. ILL Pr3daTor has agreed to be in the elimation chamber match with me so I agreed to be in the tag title match with him. I will be the first ever double champion!

ILL Pr3daTor and Gustavo walk out of the ring.
ILL Pr3daTor
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