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The Whole Show Needs To Comeback

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The Whole Show Needs To Comeback

Post  Showtime Jernigan on Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:52 am

*Keri RIchardson is backstage awaiting an interview from couragesand as she sees Showtime Jernigan heading to the gym*

Keri: Showtime! Showtime! Showtime!

*Showtime turns around*

Showtime: (to himself) damn, an interview...

Keri: You and Couragesand are about to get your oppurtunites at the tag titles, do you have anything to say?

Showtime: Yeah in matter fact I do, This is complete bull*censored* that I have to tag with this wannabe game show host. If I wanted to fight for the tag titles I would want The Whole Show fighting for the titles. Me and reaper would destroy these fools with the titles. Unfortunetly I had no say in who I have to tag with.

Keri: Are you saying you want reaper back?

Showtime: Of course I Do, why would I want to tag with a guy that doesn't know what his role in the wrestling business is? Sadly, for me atleast, reaper has a title match tonight as well.

Keri: Well, I wish you both the best of luck tonight

Showtime: Yeah, I'm gonna need it thanks Keri

Keri: No, thank you Showtime

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