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TWG Rules Must Follow

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TWG Rules Must Follow Empty TWG Rules Must Follow

Post  GM Trey Johnson on Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:58 pm

1. No WWE Content of any sort, whatsoever....Like Videos, Images, or logos or anything that is copyrighted by the WWE. This Includes ECW And WCW Past or Present Images.

2. Use of other copyrighted/trademarked material should only be with the owner’s permission - this includes images from Google etc. If the image clearly shows a copyright/trademark logo and TWG receives a complaint about your using it then you risk losing your fed. Especially never try pass off other people’s ( including other federations ) work as your own.

3. No swearing of any kind, offensive images, videos, or music. Vulgarity, Racism, and Nudity, are not to be in a show.

4. No Reference to other federations, their wrestler or non-contracted wrestlers UNLESS you have their permission. THIS MUST BE APPROVED BY TWG STAFF - DO NOT DO IT UNTIL GIVING PERMISSION BY ME

5. There is to be no federation contract talk or recruitment in chat. Simple. Plz do not try to help our fed by looking for wrestlers, I will handle that.

6. As English is the primary language of TWG all shows must be in English.

These rules are written by TWG so they are non-negotiable, anyone caught breaking these rules will be released from the roster A.S.A.P.
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