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Chat Box Rules Empty Chat Box Rules

Post  GM Trey Johnson on Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:18 pm

1. No Swearing or Foul Language.

2. No Contract Talk in the chat box.

3. Must Respect each other

4. NO Arguing With a Staff Member. Non. Staff, Have The Final Say, But I (Trey Johnson GM) Has the final say over them.

5. No Flooding(No More Then 5 Post back to back to back to back to back.)

6. No Spamming.

You Have 3 Warnings on the first you get a Kick. On The Second you get banned for A Day on the third you get banned for 3 Days. And after that it is a Permanent Bann and I Will not resign your contract or give you a new one.
GM Trey Johnson
GM Trey Johnson

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