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Some punk gunna get hurt Empty Some punk gunna get hurt

Post  Malphis on Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:12 pm

Arletta and Kyrax start walking back to the backstage area. Freak on a leech plays while the to are walking and the arena lights go out, The lights come back on and Malphis is in the ring

Malphis:"Arletta, Kyrax nice match now get the hell out of here...."

Malphis turns over to Arletta and Kyrax with his eyes wide open

Malphis:"Listen, I went back to my locker room and turn on the T.V What i saw was some ingrate who well unfortunately had a microphone when he shouldn't have...."

"What i saw was Big Murph on Redemption. It is very strange how i did not see this for days... But i am guessing that is like Murph says "Maybe, after 4 seasons in this federation, you guys have forgotten just WHAT I'm capable of AND WHO I am..." You are right... Everyone has forgotten Murph because the biggest accomplishment in your whole incompetent life is beating me two seasons ago to win the rising star title."

"Now you lost the title....."(Pauses)"Wait oh no Murph lost his rising star title that shows his whole 4 seasons in LWA! Oh no what ever will he do? HE TRIES TO FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE again."

Malphis rises his hands

malphis:"These are the very hands that you picked you up Murph, The same ones that dominated you in this ring and threw you into the ring post! I think you forget how dangerous i am Murph, You fight fire with fire and someone going to get Burnt! As i proved last week you got lucky two seasons ago. Now you think you can come back at me?!?!?!"(Laughing sadisticly)"MUAHAHAHA Gee Murph maybe instead of complaining about what i did you should be in the gym training because we all know Malphis was the true rising star. I am the dawn future of this COMPANY!! I am the one who is going to send all these God forbidden fools in the darkness!!! I am the enforcer of the darkness! Rated Rs, Portuguese Warrior and Big Murph all three have tried to stop this unforgiving end of S.I.K Only to fail!"

"Ye that is right Murph, NO ONE CAN STOP ME! You should be hiding behind these barricades like all these cowards rather than gambling with your life! But i guess that you are all muscle and no brain is that right? Your name shows how stupid you really are. I mean "Big Murph"? You are the least intimidating person i have ever met and until redemption a few nights ago i didn't even believe you had male genetics.That is why you should simply be called Murph. Murph the doomed smurf. I hope you rewind that clip of me throwing you into that ring post over and over so you can remember how it feels..... All that pain you felt and all of my satisfaction. While you are i hope you realize you EVER Get in my way then you will be forgotten FOREVER When i end your career.Portuguese Warrior is going to have to learn that again tonight..."

At the final comments Malphis drops the mic, As soon as it touches the ground the lights turn off and Malphis is gone.

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