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Post  Gustavo on Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:36 pm

Gustavo walks out to the ramp, as his music plays on the speakers.

He walks down to the ring, with a serious look in his eyes.

Gustavo: So, I heard someone coming out here a few moments ago, bragging about " I can make an in-ring promo, blah blah blah! " .

Crowd boos

Gustavo: I wanted to get here earlier, but I was talking to Tom Scott, and unfortunately felt a smell that made me go take some air outside, Muroc eat more salad mate.

Crowd laughs.

Gustavo: I actually have some words for you " World Warrior ". You think you can debut on this company, come up like that and think you are the king of the hill? I can tell you something, if somebody deserves a single drop of respect from this crowd, it is me.

Gunner stops and looks at his leg

Gustavo: Now, this baby ain't 100% yet. But I already kicked some ass last time I was in the ring, Cross Bones, nice loss by the way.

Crowd is quiet

Gustavo: Now, you see, I didn't challenge Trey Johnson on my first season just to show off, of course, those matches weren't good for me, but I still got to learn from a legend. If you think you will come into my show and try to steal the spotlight, you are very, VERY wrong. Now if you excuse me, I gotta go home, Leonidas must be hungry.

Gunner looks at Chris

Gustavo: And stupid tie there Chris, I never thought you could look more ridiculous, next time buy it yourself, don't make your momma go buy it for you.

Gunner drops the mic and leaves, as Chris Kayoz starts blabbering words about him.

Say hello to my little friend!!

Leonidas, I choose you!!!!!!!!!!!

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