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Siding with A Predator???

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Siding with A Predator??? Empty Siding with A Predator???

Post  Big Murph on Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:08 pm


[color=red]We see Kerri Richardson talking with a cameraman while looking around the corridors, searching for someone. Just then, she spots Big Murph going in the direction of the training room, but stops him abruptly and peppers him with questions...[/color]

[color=indigo]Kerri Richardson: "Murph, wait up! Why did you help Ill while he was being attacked by his former partner, Jamie Morgan? What are you going to do about the Malphis situation? What do you think of your opponent tonight, Hefty Dodo?"[/color]

[color=darkred]Big Murph: "The guy was in a jam and I helped him out, no big deal. The Malphis situation will be handled in due time...no worries about that guy, he cast some bait and, like a hungry fish, I bit." (Pauses) "Hefty is an awesome technicianand we should have an awesome match. Any other questions?"[/color]

[color=indigo]Kerri Richardson: As a matter of fact, yes. Since you helped Ill, will you two join and become a tag?"[/color]

[color=red]As Murph grasps the handle to open training room door, he looks back at Kerri with a grin and speaks...[/color]

[color=darkred]Big Murph: "You never know...I mean, He IS one half of the Ultimate Forces and I AM an Ultimate Force...the possibilities are Ultimately Limitless."[/color]

(He enters the training room and the scene fades)

Big Murph

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Siding with A Predator??? Empty Re: Siding with A Predator???

Post  ILL Pr3daTor on Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:53 pm

I like it Very Happy
ILL Pr3daTor
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