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Cross Bones Challenge

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Cross Bones Challenge Empty Cross Bones Challenge

Post  Guest on Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:48 pm

Music starts to play

Cross bones comes out with wearing white pants, and black shoes.

Cross bones walk down the ramp to the ring, and tells one of the announcers to hand him a microphone.

He grabs the mic and starts to talk.

Cross bones: Last week I lost my first debut match here. That was my very first match, against Gustavo, and I was very disappointed at myself for losing my match. So therefore, I'm giving a match here to anyone who is willing to fight me.

Don Jackson: Who is this guy just coming out here and asking for matches like this .

Chris Kayoz: He coming out here to prove to himself that he can win, after that horrible first match of his.

Don Jackson: Shut up Chris, give him credit. He almost won that match

Cross bones stands in the middle of the ring waiting for a challenger to come out and face him.

Cross bones: I see there's no one out there that is up for a challenge. Very well.

Cross bones walks out of the ring, as no one shows up.

Chris Kayoz: Yes, take that kid! Walk back there and sit on your butt till you have enough respect to ask for a match in here.

Don Jackson: Be patient. You will soon have someone to step up against boy.


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