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Post  Reaper on Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:03 pm

Reaper is seen sitting back stage working out as Rebecca comes into view
Rebecca Great: My my Reaper shocking to see you back and in such great shape ,Would have though you would be on some beach recovering from that butt kicking you took from Jura . (laughter)
Reaper look towards Rebecca grins .
Rebecca Great: Well I've watch your return and your gesture of a title being why you came back so tell me who your target Tom Scott ,Warrior,Ill Predator are is it Jura ?
Reaper continues to work out smiling at Rebecca .
Rebecca walks circling around Reaper pondering which title it could be that would draw a man as Iconic in this business to return.
Rebecca Great :Hmm can't be the Impact title you pretty much toss that title in a trash can .maybe the Fallen championship is that what driving this return .
Reaper drops the dumb bell towels himself off smiles .
Rebecca grins back
Rebecca Great : Can't see it being Warrior you have to much respect for him and his talent and he earn the right to be Fallen champion , So that just leaves Jura .
Rebecca face drops her mouth falls open a grin come bursting across her face
Rebecca Great : You jobbed that match didn't you ,you lost cause you wanted to study the lock down champion learn his moves ,habits, his strengths and weaknesses (laughs ) Reaper Reaper .
Rebecca Great : That what Trey Johnson come back to do he has Jura in his sights he want back that what was his but i think your both in for a let down cause I know Jura and COO John Larkitus well mainly John will never grant either of you a title shot at Jura .
Trey Johnson come into the view smacking Reaper on the back hey Reap
Rebecca Great: Well well Mr. Trey Johnson Mr I got screwed over by my half brother out of my own company .( Laughter)
Trey Johnson: Rebecca Great always nice to see you ,Reaper we still on with our deal ?
Reaper looks over at Trey nods his head .
Rebecca looks at both men as they pound fist .
Rebecca Great : What deal are you two going to team up ,your going after the tag titles holy cow I'll Predator and his partner will be destroyed .
Reaper Trey both move on to their work outs .
Rebecca Great hold on you two are good friends with Predator your planning something else .
Reaper : Hey good luck in your match with Jura tonight tough guy .
Trey Johnson : Yeah well you know Jason just as tough and crazy as hell,getting the feeling John not happy either of us are back (laughter breaks out )
Reaper : Well Trey I'm out of here you watch yourself .
Trey Johnson : Yeah you as well .
Reaper walks away as camera fades out .


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