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A "Thank you" Present for Rebecca Great (Part 1)

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A "Thank you" Present for Rebecca Great (Part 1) Empty A "Thank you" Present for Rebecca Great (Part 1)

Post  Malphis on Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:16 am

The camera comes on the backstage area where Rebecca Great and Rated Rs are talking

Rated Rs:"Alright thanks, I will see you tonight."

Rated Rs now walks off while Rebecca brings out her phone

Chris:"I wonder what Rated wanted. We all know he is dating Rebecca and may be able to get anything from her."

Don:"Well i am guessing he asked for a rem..."

Before Don finishes the lights go out in the corridor.

Don:"Wait what happened? Where's Rebecca?"

The lights come back on and Rebecca Great has disappeared.

Chris:"Wait, Where is Rebecca? What's going on."

A familiar voice is heard

Voice:"I told all of you fools i will get what i want no matter what..."

Don Jackson:"Wait no, It couldn't be... Ma... malphis wouldn't would he? He said he will induct someone each week into his "Darkness" As he calls it and that he will get a title match with Portuguese Warrior at our Pay Per View."

Chris:"No, It can't... Rebecca is the GM Of this show, She is the boss of malphis. He couldn't."

The camera slowly fades out

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