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A "Thank you" Present for Rebecca Great (Part 2)

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A "Thank you" Present for Rebecca Great (Part 2) Empty A "Thank you" Present for Rebecca Great (Part 2)

Post  Malphis on Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:26 am

Don:"Ladies and Gentlemen i have been informed by management about the status of Rebecca Great our GM Who went missing earlier tonight."

Don Jackson stands up and goes into the ring

Don:Huh Hmmm, As most expected Malphis has indeed Kidnapped Rebecca Great and is holding her somewhere no one knows. Malphis says that he is prepared to give us a live stream sometime tonight with orders of what he wants."

Don:"We would li...."

Suddenly Portuguese Warrior's music plays and he walks down to the ring with quite a angry frown on his face

Portuguese Warrior:"Alright no Shut up! We all know what Malphis wants and well i want it aswell. Malphis says he wants my title and last week he attacked me, Well i want Malphis to know it will be the same result as we fought last time HE WILL LOSE!"

As Portuguese Warrior is talking A video is appearing on the titantron, Malphis seems to be on it.

Don:"Ummm port, Uhh behind you."

Portuguese Warrior turns around looking at the titantron.

Malphis:"Warrior what's wrong? You were upset that i smashed you through your window last week? It is still the same Warrior, I am making Rebecca Great to give me a title match and finnally i will get what i deserve. Then beyond that point there will be no return the fallen champion will be Malphis and this company will forever be forced into eternal darkness."

Malphis moves back a bit showing Rebecca Great.

Malphis:"Me and rebecca have been talking and discussing it all night long. I don't think she likes me but well hopefully i can change that before the night is over..."

Portuguese Warrior:"MALPHIS! For once in your career don't be a coward!!! Come to this ring, Leave the girls out and face me like a man."

Malphis:"Well i don't think Rebecca would want that..."

The video on the titantron stops.

Portuguese Warrior:"I need to find him."

Portuguse Warrior throws the microphone on the ground and storms up the ramp

OOC:Sorry don't have time to colour it at moment.

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