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Post  Couragesand on Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:26 pm

*Couragesand is seen watching a tv show inside his locker room*

*Gustavo walks into the locker room*

Gustavo: Couragesand, Did you see how i beat low ki on Saturday?

Couragesand: Impressive win, You need more in it though, Basically you just did the same moves over and over again, That isnt a true match I would have to say. I used to the same when i joined FFI.. I Dont say Sik. But i grew out of doing the same moves. Now you must too.

Gustavo: Oh, Good luck with chlorine kid later.

Couragesand: I dont need as much luck as you think.

Couragesand: Popcorn?

*Couragesand hands gustavo a popcorn bag*

Gustavo: Surely.

*The camera pans out*

Blah Blah Its me Couragesand. The Maddiest And Sandiest Person on FFI!!!!!!!

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