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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:14 pm

The Arena goes Black as the sound of bells are heard once more. The suddenly silence. The fans are silent as a child is heard weeping.

On the titan tron a little boy is seen crying looking at the ground, suddenly he looks up at the camera and smiles, whispering "He's here..." then a womans scream is heard and causes a few fans to jump and some to scream. The all goes black and silent

Suddenly, Bells are heard again and the crowd remains silent. The bells stop and then "I will not bow" by Breaking Benjamin begins to play and a white cross is seen on the titantron. Fireworks go off and a man with a black hood steps out.

The fans go crazy trying to figure out who it is, the music stops playing and the lights turn on as the man stands there and begins to pull of his hood.

The man is revealed to be Bford. The fans cheer in surprise and Bford stands there looking around, smiling after making his return, he then turns and leaves as the fans cheer and boos at the same time


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