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A "Thank you" Present for Rebecca Great (Part 3)

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A "Thank you" Present for Rebecca Great (Part 3) Empty A "Thank you" Present for Rebecca Great (Part 3)

Post  Malphis on Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:19 pm

The camera comes onto a dark room with Malphis holding Rebecca by the throat.

Malphis:"hey everyone it seems me and Rebecca have not yet met on an arrangement and i hope she realises this show depends on her, If she does not give me what i want... I will need to eliminate her."

Malphis grabs a box pulling out a torch and some flammable liquid. Malphis holds the torch up to Rebecca Great's face.

Malphis:"Rebecca remember all those fools are watching don't make then see this. Give me a dawm title match again Portuguese Warrior!"

Rebecca tries to yell but can't as her mouth is shut close

Malphis:"Alright i didn't want to to this but...."

Malphis puts the flammable liquid near the torch, Malphis clears his lungs ready to breath. Quickly the camera falls on the ground nothing to be seen as the camera is smashed

Chris:"Wait what happened? Someone get a camera back there!"

Another camera is booted up running backstage. The cameraman runs around a corner Where Portuguese Warrior is throwing Punches at Malphis.

Portuguese Warrior:"Pick on someone your same size you giant idiot."

Portuguese Warrior lifts Malphis by his legs and pushes him forward through a table.

Portuguese Warrior grabs rebecca great and unhooks her, Malphis turns portuguese warrior around and hits him in the throat.

Malphis grabs the torch and clammable liquid holding to up to Portuguese Warrior. Rebecca Great gets in the way slapping Malphis.

Malphis seems to be getting angry, Portuguese Warrior quickly runs towards Malphis and hits him with a forearm. Malphis and Portuguese Warrior fall through a wall from the impact!

Don:"Crap, Warrior is paying for that."

Portuguese Warrior guides Rebecca Great to the ring

Chris:"Be quite don, Finally someone puts an end to this madness."

Don:"Alright, Im sorry. malphis could of ended two careers if he was able to use that torch. But Rebecca and Warrior working together."

Portuguese Warrior's music hits

Chris:"Wait here comes warrior."

Portuguese Warrior walks down to the ring with Rebecca Great.

Rebecca Great:"Alright that is enough! I have had enough of Malphis demanding a title shot!"

Fans cheer for Rebecca

Rebecca Great:"You want a dawm title match? Well ok fin you have it! Portuguese Warrior vs Malphis, But it is going to be one of the most brutal matches ever. Oh and malphis YOUR CAREER HERE IN S.I.K IS ON THE LINE!"

Rebecca Great drops the microphone and leaves the ring.

Don:"Dawm! It seems the darkness may be coming to an end! malphis puts his career on the line again Portuguese Warrior for the Fallen Title! Can the stakes get any bigger?"

The camera fades

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