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Heftydodo strikes!

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Heftydodo strikes! Empty Heftydodo strikes!

Post  ILL Pr3daTor on Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:25 pm

ILL Pr3daTor is seen walking backstage with his tag title in hand.

ILL Pr3daTor wispers to him self: What am I going to do with this title. Insane has turned against me and Big Murph has gone missing! Should I forfeit the title or find a new partner? Hhhhmmmmmmm if I forfeit I know what singles title I will be going after and....

Heftydodo comes up from behind and hits ILL Pr3daTor in the back of the head!

ILL Pr3daTor gets up and takes a swing at Heftydodo. Heftydodo dodges it and hits ILL Pr3daTor in the face.

Heftydodo jumps and ILL Pr3daTor connects with a Heroic uppercut!

ILL Pr3daTor: You should think twice before attacking me from behind!

ILL Pr3daTor continues walking backstage with Heftydodo on the ground.

The camera fades out.
ILL Pr3daTor
ILL Pr3daTor

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