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Arletta In Her Locker Room (Pre-match)

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Arletta In Her Locker Room (Pre-match) Empty Arletta In Her Locker Room (Pre-match)

Post  Arletta on Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:30 am

Arletta is in her locker room, on a hard wooden bench. She is wearing a black and purple leotard with purple sparkly stars running down its sides and a short purple skirt. She is crouched over a boot, trying to get it to fit her foot properly. Her long brown hair is loose, creating a curtain between Arletta’s face and the rest of the world. Suddenly there is a knock at the door.

Arletta sighs grumpily

Arletta: Why do they insist on disturbing me when I’m trying to prepare?

The knock is repeated a little louder.

Arletta: Come in!

A plain bespectacled man pokes his head around the door, not quite meeting Arletta’s gaze.

Arletta: What? I’ve a match to prepare for.

Man: I’m James Doyle. I’m a reporter.

Arletta: Of course you are. I’m beginning to think that I need to get you and your kind surgically removed….

Arletta slaps the base of her boot and it finally goes on. She quickly ties said boot.

Arletta: From my body. Come in, Mr Doyle.

She stands up suddenly, seeming to tower over the reporter as he fully enters the room. She crosses over to a locker where she pulls out a hair brush and some hair ties, then crossing to a mirror and starts pulling the brush through her hair.

Arletta: Well?

Mr Doyle: I wanted to discuss how you felt about tonight’s match against Jaques LaCroix?

Arletta: Since I joined I seem to be winning more than I’m losing. I think Mr LaCroix should watch out for me.

Arletta ties her hair back into a pony tail and leaves the locker room and the astounded reporter.

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