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Post  Reaper on Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:39 pm

Camera flashes inside Reapers' locker room in the middle of a voice call

Reaper : Hey bud like I said right after PPV my contract with FFI / SlK is done and I'm free and cleared to sign where ever I wanted .

Voice : Awesome what about our other friend is he really going to jump ship as well ?

Reaper : Man he is as tired as I am with the way things are being run around here, count him in .

Voice : Ok nice very nice ,Well I'll have both contracts done up and ready for the two of you as soon as the PPV is over.

Reaper : Sweet and after, all will go out to the club .

John Larkitus burst into the room as Reaper click the speaker off .

John Larkitus: Reaper do I have a match for you tonight .

Reaper : Great little Johnny means your doing your job .

John Larkitus: Since you took apart Jason which by the way I am shocked , tonight I figured I'd throw you in with someone close to you .

Reaper: Awww come on John are you going really step in the ring with me ?

John Larkitus : Hahaha Reaper I'm not going to get in a ring with you I'm the COO around here I make my money with my brain not being a side show.

Reaper chuckles

Reaper: Ok John who you line up this time ?

John Larkitus : Vahn your good friend .

Reaper stands up walks toward John , John slowly back his way out the door way and Reaper slams the door .


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