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Post  Couragesand on Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:19 pm

*The camera pans in with Couragesand running on a treadmill*

Couragesand: Alright, *Couragesand pushes the done button* 20 mins was enough.

*Gustavo comes in as Couragesand seems to be sleeping in his chair*

Gustavo: Ehm, Sand? *Couragesand yawns and glares at Gustavo* Didn't mean to disturb you.

Couragesand: Nah, It's fine *Couragesand says in A Tired voice*

Gustavo: Oh, Well it's today.. Uhm tonight's My match with Cross Bones. It would be a honor for you to Come out to the ring and Watch me Fight him live.

Couragesand: I might not, Sorry but it's just Your match is in a few and.. *Couragesand yawns loud* I'm tired.. I feel about to sleep.

Gustavo: Oh,.. I guess i will show My worth Out there tonight *Gustavo smirks* If i haven't already.

Couragesand: Good night *Couragesand starts to sleep as the camera pans out*

Blah Blah Its me Couragesand. The Maddiest And Sandiest Person on FFI!!!!!!!

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