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Spin Spin Spin Pt 1 Empty Spin Spin Spin Pt 1

Post  Couragesand on Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:15 pm

*The camera pans in while Couragesand Is in his Locker Room With Thiago*

Couragesand: Alright, I picked you Since I don't know why. *Couragesand laughs then silents*

Thiago: What do you want?

Couragesand: Your the first of many, On my own little Show, SANDS Braking Wheel. It involves Alot of options, From guest commentary to A Title Shot.

Thaigo: That actually Could be worth it, Let me give it a shot..

Couragesand: However you must bewar.. *Thiago puts his hand up to Couragesand And then spins the wheel*

*Couragesand looks like he is going to sing* Couragesand: Dododoedoedeodododododo It's a Song to wait So shut up And Stop!

*Thiago looks like he is about to laugh as the wheel lands on "1 DOLLAR GIFT COUPON*

Thiago: Are you *censored* Serious?

*Couragesand Pushes Thiago Out of the door with his Coupon and laughs* Couragesand: Unlucky Boy.
*The camera pans out*

Blah Blah Its me Couragesand. The Maddiest And Sandiest Person on FFI!!!!!!!

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Spin Spin Spin Pt 1 Empty Re: Spin Spin Spin Pt 1

Post  ILL Pr3daTor on Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:22 pm

ILL Pr3daTor
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