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Jura laughs at Trey

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Jura laughs at Trey Empty Jura laughs at Trey

Post  Guest on Sat Jan 28, 2012 6:38 pm

The sound of bagpipes start up and the tron flashes the name "The Flower of Scotland". Jura walks out in to the arena and starts to make his way to the ring with the biggest most arrogant swagger in his walk ever. He waves to the fans, stopping to sign autographs, huge relaxed grin on his face.

Don Jackson: "You wouldn't think he had a three way title defense later on tonight the way he's strutting about out there"

Chris Kayaz: "Yeah he seems amazingly relaxed."

Jura gets to the ring and hops up on the apron, still staring round and waving to the cheering crowd. He ducks into the ring and pics up a mic.

Jura: "Welcome to the SIK ppv......my show......I know you're all here to see me.....your one...your only....LOCKDOWN CHAMPIIIIIOOOOONNNNN!!!!!!"

Jura smiles and walks around the ring, everywhere he looks are banners and t-shirts displaying his nickname "The Flower of Scotland"

Jura: "Two weeks ago something amazing happened, something extra-ordinary. Trey Johnson defeated me in a match. I know, I know.....how could that happened, but even the biggest loser gets lucky sometimes and Trey certainly is the biggest loser I know."

Laughter can be heard throughout the crowd, Don and Chris start talking whilst Jura walks round the ring encouraging the crowd to laugh at Trey.

Chris Kayaz: "Jura certainly isn't holding back tonigh."

Don Jackson: "He's overstepping the boundaries again. Who does this guy think he is. He won the match last week, take the plaudits and move on. There's no need to be such an arrogant ass."

Chris Kayaz: "He's the champion Don, he clearly thinks he's the best in SIK."

Don Jackson: "Yeah well tonight he'll get the chance to prove that."

Jura: "Last week I got my revenge. Ha revenge! To be honest last week wasn't even a match. Losing to trey two weeks ago was a good thing, it reminded me that I still need to work to prove I'm the best. Losing fired me on to train even harder in the gym, to work even harder in sparring, to focus 100% on my match.....and lets be honest.....it worked."

Jura looks up at the screen which shows highlights of last weeks match.

Jura grabs Rudolph the Blue Nose Reindeer's ankle
twisting it applying an light Ankle Lock!!

Chris Kayoz: Ankle Lock, maybe Trey will tap!

Jura keeps his agonizing submission hold
Jura keeps his agonizing submission hold

Don Jackson: Get the medics ready again, that ankle seems hurt


Jura grabs his stunned opponent by the head
and twists it painfully executing violent Jura's Claw !!

Don Jackson: Jura's Claw! Thats the amazing hold!

Jura keeps his excruciating submission hold
Jura keeps his ruthless submission hold

Chris Kayoz: It looks like Trey is really hurt now, stop the match ref!

Don Jackson: Shut your trap, this is the best match of the evening!


Jura catches his opponent's legs
and locks them painfully with his own to form a Fantastic Figure 4!!

Don Jackson: And another submission!

Jura keeps his ruthless submission hold
Rudolph the Blue Nose Reindeer can't resist anymore and taps out!!

Chris Kayoz: Trey taps!


Don Jackson: Fantastic win by the Lockdown champ!

Chris Kayoz: Nice payback by Jura today!


Back to Jura live in the ring, grinning insanely at the pictures of him giving trey a beatdown.

Jura: "Its hard to even call last week a match, it was the easiest victory of my career. Trey did not even lay one hand on me, not one single blow thats how much I dominated his sorry ass for an entire match."

Jura: "And now what? Trey has a atitle shot tonight..ha ha ha..sorry folks but that makes me laugh. that this pathetic loser of a wrestler could possibly be good enough to be your champion instead of me."

Jura: "But Trey knows he cant beat me, so he's been running off to our COO and begged for the title match to be a three way match to increase his chances. Not only that but the 3rd wrestler in the ring is gonna be Trey's bestest buddy Reaper. (sighs) You know what folks, if either of them were actually any good I might be worried but as I've whipped both of them 1 on 1 this season I know I can take them. 2 against 1 doesn't really worry me, especially when one of them is Trey Johnson."

Don Jackson: "I'm almost tempted to cheer for Trey tonight after listening to this."

Jura: "So folks stay tuned for tonights main event, I promise it will be the best match you will ever have seen as I totally destroy the loser twins."

With a blast of bagpipe music Jura goes to make his way from the ring.


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Jura laughs at Trey Empty Re: Jura laughs at Trey

Post  GM Trey Johnson on Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:36 pm

Jura starts to walk up the ring. Suddenly the Lights cut off in the Arena and One day to Late by Skillet begins to slowly play through the Arena. Suddenly lights come back on in the arena. And Jura is standing there with his Lock Down Championship on his shoulder's. Jura slides back into to the ring. Suddenly the lights cut back off and And A Bolt of Lighting hits the Entrance ramp. Then Smoke fills the Arena. And a shadow appears at the top of the entrance ramp. Wearing a hat. The person raises his hands and the lights slowly cut on. And it appears to be Trey Johnson standing there with a mic in his hand. And his coat on with some black gloves on. Trey rolls his eyes to the back of his head. Then rolls them back.

Trey Johnson: Hmm...Good speech Jura.

Some parts of the crowd boos and some parts cheer. Trey claps his hands. And Takes off his hat and throws it into the crowd. And Takes off his coat and lays it on the entrance ramp. And begins to slowly walk to the ring.

Trey Johnson: See, Jura. Your the Lock Down Champion. I Have to give you that. Your A Great Competitor. I Can even say you are one of the best wrestlers in this business today. But see, Your looking at the best wrestler today. And his name is Trey Johnson. The Next Lockdown Champion. See, you say that I beat you by luck. See, I beat you by having simple more talent then you. And no lie, you got the best of me last week. But this week it is a completely different story. See, you may have got this thing called Revenge. Well, Tonight I am going to get mine. And if you don't believe me then watch what I Do to you tonight.

Trey rolls in the ring. And gets back up. And gets another mic and throws it to Jura. Who catches the mic.

Trey Johnson: And Jura, Let me bring you back some history. Cause it seems like you have forgot about some things that happened.

Trey Johnson: See, you say I Had to run to my boss. Well, I Am my own boss. In fact I Am your boss to. So whatever I Say goes, So if I Were to tell you to lay down and let me pin you for the 1....2....3... You would have to do so. Since I Am your boss. And if you don't. I Will rip your contract up in front of your face. But I am not like that,. See I will love to see that face you had 2 Weeks Ago when I beat you. Now, that was a priceless look.

Jura: Oh really. I Wonder does your arms and legs still hurt??

Trey Johnson: So, that's the best comeback you have? Don't even answer. But let me tell you something else. See, you say That you are nothing but a arrogant, piece of (censored) who thinks he can beat just about EVERYBODY'S (censored). Well, I got news for you. You still have yet to whoop my.....

Jura interrupts Trey Johnson...

Jura: Woah, Wait a minute. Didn't I beat you last week??

Trey Johnson: Yeah, but didn't I beat you two weeks ago??

Jura: Yeah, you did....

Trey Johnson interrupts Jura

Trey Johnson: As I thought, Now shut up and let me speak.

Trey Johnson: Now, tonight I Get to take you through Three Stages of Hell. And not just you neither. Reaper also gets to join in. But I'm not worried about him. And were not buddies and We will never be Buddies. We can't...Well I can't stand him. and After I Finish kicking your butt, I'm going to go over there and kick his .... Then I Just might shove his head up your .... to make you shut up. And when its all said and done I will walk out Armageddon with The Lockdown title on my shoulders and above my head. Bloodied and Sweaty. Now, as far as needing an advantage I Don't need one. Since I Can beat you and I Can beat him. So explain to me this. Why would I need his help to beat you?? Better yet, how about this tonight. I prove to you why I Don't need his help.

Trey Johnson: And reaper, here is some advice. Don't get in may cause if you do it will and I can promise you this. It Will be the last thing you ever do. And I dare you to try it and see what happens to you. Now back to you Jura. Tonight. I can promise you and reaper this one of you are going to Hell and One of you are going through a table and one if not both of you will not be able to walk out this arena by yall selves. See when this match is over, I can promise you that One of you will leave out on a stretcher and You guys better Hope its the other person.

To be Continued...

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Jura laughs at Trey Empty Re: Jura laughs at Trey

Post  Guest on Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:42 pm

Jura throws down the mic and stares angrily at Trey

Chris Kayaz: "Oh man they're gonna go at it right now, no waiting until the main event."

Don Jackson: "Yeah come on Trey, kick his (censored)"

Jura walks right up to Trey, toe to toe, eyeball to eyeball, neither wrestler willing to flinch as much as an inch. Suddenly Jura smiles and steps back laughing, shaking his head dismissively as he looks at Trey.

Jura slides out the ring and backs up the ramp, keeping his eyes locked on Trey, still grinning arrogantly. when he gets to the top of the ramp Jura looks around the arena and hoists it title belt high above his head exciting a huge roar from the crowd. Jura just laughs and drapes the belt over his shoulder, patting it affectionately whilst staring at Trey. The message is clear, "This belt is mine".

With that Jura just turns his back on Trey and walks out the arena.


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Jura laughs at Trey Empty Re: Jura laughs at Trey

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