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Spin Spin Spin Pt 2

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Spin Spin Spin Pt 2 Empty Spin Spin Spin Pt 2

Post  Couragesand on Sat Jan 28, 2012 6:56 pm

*Couragesand is seen in his locker Room With his tag partner, Showtime jernigan* Couragesand: Hey, I want to play a little game with you. *Couragesand smirks*

Showtime Jernigan: It better not be the game Monopoly.. *Showtime says with a soft voice*

Couragesand:*Couragesand almost laughs at his voice* No, No SAND BRAKE WHEEL. You can win prizes from Guest commentator to $50.

Showtime Jernigan: Oh? 50 bucks? Easy I'm up for it.

Couragesand grins and points to the wheel

Showtime Jernigan: Simple, Showtime walks to the wheel and spins it

Couragesand looks like he is going to sing Couragesand: Dododoedoedeodododododo It's a Song to wait So shut up And Stop!

The wheel lands on... TITLE MATCH

*Couragesand runs over to Showtime and pats him and says : Tag titles Man!

The camera pans out as showtime and Couragesand celebrate for the PPV

Blah Blah Its me Couragesand. The Maddiest And Sandiest Person on FFI!!!!!!!

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