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Urgent Needs! Empty Urgent Needs!

Post  Gustavo on Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:43 pm

John Lartikus is at the phone, as someone knocks the door.

Lartikus turns of the phone.

Lartikus: Come in please.

Gustavo walks in the office, with Leonidas by his side.

Lartikus: You know that you aren't supposed to bring this dog here right?

Gustavo: Come on, the buffet accident was your fault, knock it off.

Lartikus: Tell me what you need.

Gustavo: Well, as you know, I have two matches today, the elimination chamber and the tag title match.

Lartikus nods

Gustavo: So, I need you to take care of Leo for me, the vet is giving him some medicine, and he needs atention all the time, as his problem is really bad.

Lartikus: All right, but as soon as you're done with the matches, get him out of here.

Gustavo: Okay, thanks boss.

Gustavo leaves the office and goes to his locker.

A sound of water is heard

Lartikus: Hm, is it raining outside?

Lartikus looks through the window.

Lartikus: But its pure sun with no clouds.

Leonidas barks

Lartikus looks at him, and there is a puddle on the rug.

Lartikus: Dammit dog! That was a persian rug!

Camera fades to black

Say hello to my little friend!!

Leonidas, I choose you!!!!!!!!!!!

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