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Post  Reaper on Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:30 pm

Reaper Pulls up in front of arena in a shine new dump truck as John Larkitus stands out side talking with the camera men .
John Larkitus: What the hell are you doing showing up here on the grands stage of them all in a dump truck ?
Reaper : Its new what wrong with it.
John Larkitus shakes his head .
John Larkitus : Its a dump truck .
Reaper : Yes John it is thinking when my wrestling gigs over might start my own business Reaper hauling has a ring to it don't you think ?
John Larkitus : Reaper if you make it through tonight you'll be lucky if you can even still move never mind start up a business .( laughs)
Reaper : John tonight is one reason I brought this dump truck .
John Larkitus : For what reason would that be ?
Reaper ( Grins ) : Well one my contract is up after this PPV so going clean out my locker room , Second you have me booked in not one but two matches tonight .
John Larkitus: Yeah I do (laughter )
Reaper : Well when i finish with Speedy and move on to beat Trey and Jura they all going to need a ride home .
Reaper reaches inside the cab of the dump truck pulls out a metal case with a glass top and a new pair of boots .
John Larkitus: what the case for .
Reaper : That for the lock down title I'll be leaving with tonight .
John Larkitus : So what the .
Reaper stop John .
Reaper : I know the new boots well John that for the ass whooping your going to get right after the PPV , you think the ticket sells are high for this show man the tickets I sold to your ass kicking are like triple the PPV peojple been handing me money left and right to watch it some pay a little more to join in .
John Larkitus : Reaper if you have any fight left in you after PPV feel free to come kick my ass .
Camera fades out .


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