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Reaper helps john  Empty Reaper helps john

Post  Reaper on Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:56 pm

Camera come on to John Larkitus in the hall way with Leonidas.
John Larkitus: Bloody dog chewing up my desk my chairs I paid good money for that stuff and Gustavo going to pay to replace it all .
Camera man can be heard gagging and laughing all at the same time .
John Larkitus steps forward .
John Larkitus : What what what so funny .
John realizes he just step into Leonidas stool
John Larkitus: Good lord someone get a shovel dog .
Reaper come into view gagging and laughing .
Reaper : Well knew Johnny boy had to be around here by the smell . ( laughs )
John Larkitus : Very funny Reaper laugh it up ,this bloody dog does nothing but chew stuff up and smell .
Reaper : Well Johnny why don't you take him out of the building so he can do his business and maybe have let him play himself out .
Reaper kneels down and rubs Leonidas belly .
Reaper : who a good puppy hey who a good puppy .
Leoonidas licks Reaper face and wags his tail in excitment .
John Larkitus : That not a bad Idea let him run free (laughs )


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