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He has arrived! Empty He has arrived!

Post  CJ Lovett on Fri Feb 03, 2012 7:14 pm

As the show comes back after advertisements the camera shows Sik:Armageddon arena's main corridor with staff doing various things around. Some ladies are taking care of the catering section, sound technicians are adjusting some wires, trainers are checking up their emergency gear. Suddenly, a loud thud can be heard from around the corner.A weird shadow appears after a second, dragging a sports bag.It stops,bends over and stares randomly at the wall.The camera pans over and it seems to be "The Kentaticness" Kendall Lovett in his wrestling attire wondering around once again.Then suddenly runs up to him with a microphone in his hand.Kendall questions him as begins to speak.

Michael Lee:Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Sik PPV Sik:Armageddon!I'm Michael Lee the most greatest interviewer in this company and I hope you're having a great time!But I have with me now, a favorite wrestler you mostly all know in his own right,"Kentastic" Kendall Lovett!.First, I'd like to welcome you to Sik:Sik:Armageddon Kendall Lovett How has your experience been so far?

The camera pans to the right, showing a confused Kendall Lovett that appears to be about six foot;three inches tall.He is wearing a black t-shirt, the print of which says "Moo", along with yellow and black wrestling long tights that shows off his toned muscles.

Kendall Lovett:I had no idea i was signed for schedule...but ok Thanks, Lee So far, I've had a good time. I've met some old friends of mine from previous organizations and past life I've been in, along with some guys I've never seen, but heard a lot about.The competition here is kind of mixed, especially considering the huge difference between the best and worst guys here and the fact that everyone is so close.I shouldnt have said so close..Hah is that good enough sir?

Before Michael Lee can speak Kendall Lovett's phone ringtone "Moo" begins to blast out. He takes it out of his pocket and checks to see who it is.He puts his index finger to Michael's lip strongly as he starts to have a mental breakdown because of the interruption.

???:Its your GM John Lartikus and check the match card.

Kendall closes the phone storing it back in his pockets.He takes his index finger off Michael Lee's lip as he starts to fall asleep by the lip hold by Kendall Lovett.

Kendall Lovett:Can this be it Lee?Lets find out then.

Kendall fastly peeks at the match card across the room and sees Kendall Lovett vs The Impact Title Champion Rated rs legend killer:Last Man Standing match in bold writing.He has a smirk on his face as he turns around.

Kendall Lovett:Hahaha Rated Rs get ready for the most greatest match of your laugh.

Kendall smiles and walks off leaving a mingled Michael Lee standing with his mic.Camera fades to black for commercial

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