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Post  Gustavo on Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:56 pm

Gunner comes out to the ramp, as Facing Hell by Ozzy Osbourne plays on the arena's speakers.

Gustavo: So, John Lartikus books me up with Low Ki... interesting don't you guys think?

Crowd Cheers

Gustavo: It's a good match, don't get me wrong. If we really are going ot face off in PPV for the vacant title, show me your worth my time today kid.

Don Jackson: That's what I call calling up for a fight

Chris Kayoz: Boring, weak, and still brags to others? Please...

Don Jackson: He can twist your head twice if he wants.

Gustavo: Chris, if you want a piece of me, stand in line, there are others more worth my time than you. Now, I'll just go backstage until the match is announced.

Gunner leaves the ramp, as the chans cheer in anticipation.

Say hello to my little friend!!

Leonidas, I choose you!!!!!!!!!!!

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