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Post  Low Ki (Pats) on Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:43 am

"fighters passion" by the immortals hit the PA system. On the titan tron shows some moves that have never been seen before, some powerful kicks and then a picture of Low Ki and his name underneath it. The man walks out under the titan tron. He is 5 foot 8 inches and weight is about 174 lb. He has a shirts on that says "World Warrior" Low Ki on it. The spreads his legs then rubs his head. The then walks down to the ring hitting the fans signs out of their hands. He gets to the ring and enters the ring. He walks over to a corner of the ring and gets a microphone. He then Stands in the middle of the ring. He bring the microphone up to his mouth ans starts to talk.

Low Ki: yes i am back. Im here because i was asked to show some of the no name losers in the back how to cut a promo but they need to pay attention. I bet most of them are sitting back there and doing nothing. So For Gustavo. There is no way you will be beating me at the PPV. But i have not been training myself for next week so you most likely will beat me.

Low Ki drops the mic and exits the ring as the camera fades.

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