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Vahn and the doctor

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Vahn and the doctor Empty Vahn and the doctor

Post  Vahn on Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:32 am

Somewhere backstage after the tag team match we see Vahn being helped to the locker room by a doctor and probably a security guard as they help him sit down on a metal chair before the doctor would help Vahn remove his boot and slowly fold up his black trousers and reveal an injured and bloody knee as the doctor would apply some sort of liquid on to a piece of cotton before placing it on the knee as Vahn would then scream out in pain.

Doctor: Hey, You, apply pressure here while I try and seal it up with some bandages.

The security guard would then take over from the doctor and apply pressure on the injured and obviously bloody knee as the doctor would open the medic kit and take out a few bandages before attempting to wrap the bandages on the knee while the secuirty guard would then notice the camera.

Security guard: Mister Vahn would not be having an interview. GET OUT OFF HERE!!!

The security guard would then push the camera man out of the room that the doctor was fixing up Vahn then the camera would cut to commercial.

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