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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:36 pm

Bford stands in the ring with Kyrax, anger is seen in Bford's eyes. Bford then suddenly attacks Kyrax, puching and kicking knocking him down.

Bford then grabs Kyrax and tucks his head under his arm pit, then suddenly drops him on his head with a DDT. Bford walks around the ring like a mad animal then he crouches in the corner waiting for Kyrax to get up. As Kyrax stands Bford runs and bounces off the ropes performing a bycicle kick hitting Kyrax in the face with a Devastating Bford and After.

Kyrax lies there out cold as Bford begins to leave, but then Bford gets an idea and walks back over to Kyrax forcing him to his feet and stands behind him.

Bford then wraps his arm around Kyrax's neck and looks up to the sky smiling. He then lifts Kyrax up and crashes him spine first into his right kneww, then jumps bringing Kyrax's head down with a jumping neckbreaker.

Kyrax lays there unconcious as Bford smiles then leaves the ring. The arena goes black and a light shines down on the fallen Kyrax forming a crosses that covers him. "I will not bow" begins to play and Bford has disappeared


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