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Adressing the People

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Adressing the People Empty Adressing the People

Post  Gustavo on Sun Jan 22, 2012 12:43 pm

As soon as the in the speakers.
: I guess you can all see how I am today.


Crowd Cheers[/color]

Gustavo: I consider that was as easy as doing a 100 meters run, I didn't even need to break a sweat.

Gustavo grins

Warrior"when I first performed for you, in the old days of SIK, when it was called FFI, I had a crappy look and was accompanied by my best friend ever. Leonidas, come out here man!

Crowd goes crazy as Leonidas runs down the ramp and jumps into the ring.

Don Jackson: There he is, that little guy is impressive! I never saw someone give a wrestler so much support.
here, he holds the secret for my recovery. You all remember when I came in to FFI, I threw Trey Johnson into hospital with other guys. And, on the last PPV from FFI, I got punished and took a severe leg injury.[/color]

Crowd Boos

Gustavo: Leonidasthat makes me go over the edge every single day. I have more than that, I gave up the life I had in my home country, just to get out here, and give you people, the best night of your lifes every single time I step into this ring!!

Crowd Cheers

Gustavo: I don't care if you cheer or boo me, I don't care if you love me or hate me, I don't care who

Say hello to my little friend!!

Leonidas, I choose you!!!!!!!!!!!

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