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Post  Speedy Gonzales on Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:21 am

A camera man begins walking into the parking lot. When he makes his way towards his car, a car with the exterior designed like a mouse drives right past him.

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The car goes into the last parking place available.The camera man never seen the car before and sneaks towards it.Once the man gets close enough to the car,it opens, he immediately. Speedy is seen walking out of the car talking to himself.

Speedy Gonzales: Another match in S.I.K. What shall I do?

Speedy Gonzales(inner voice): Show no mercy! Remember if you feel pity for him, you show a weakness.

Speedy Gonzales: You always tell me what to do.You bring everyone around to despise me. Why should I show no mercy?

Speedy Gonzales(inner voice): Your opponent won't show mercy. Why should you? They go in that ring and win to show there dominance.You showing no mercy will show your dominance.

Speedy Gonzales:I understand . Tonight I I will show all my power and make sure no one underestimates me. HaxxedOne will fall to the feet of speedy.

Speedy Gonzales(inner voice):That's my boy.Once where done with him,we will be one step closer to our goals. Nothing will stand in our way.

A car is seen driving into the parking lot.The person then drives into a parking place where a motorcycle was in.Once the person notices he hit a motorcycle, he rushes out of his car to move it. When the camera man gets a good view of the person, he notices it's HaxxedOne. When speedy turns his head and notices him, he starts speaking to himself again.

Speedy Gonzales(inner voice):Go andspeak your words of wisdom.Tell him all that you know.

Speedy Gonzales: I will.

Speedy then walks up to HaxxedOne and taps him on his back.When Haxxed looked back to speedy to see him staring at him twitching.

Speedy Gonzales: Yo-, yo-, yo-, your no-, not going to win your match tonight. I plan on showing you that nothing is going to stand in my way.

Speedy then takes a short breath.

Speedy Gonzales: Your blood smells good. Can't wait to taste it.

Before Haxxed had a chance to reply. Speedy quickly runs off.HaxxedOne then continues to move the motorcycle.

Speedy Gonzales

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