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The Top Destructions Debut Empty The Top Destructions Debut

Post  The Top Destruction on Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:31 pm

* The Top Destruction enters the parking lot talking to someone on the Phone*
The Top Destruction: Ya dude, Are you going to be here tonight?
Phone Caller: Yeah i will be here..
Don Jackson: Who could that be!?
Chris Kayoz: I have no idea!!
* The Top Destruction hangs up and opens the locker room area door and starts heading to his locker room but Keri Richardson stops by to ask him a few questions.*
The Top Destruction: What the hell do you want!?
Keri Richardson: Can I ask you some questions that regard to your match tonight?
The Top Destruction: Sure, Make this quick i gotta go!
Keri Richardson: Well, As you know How do u plan on beating Portugese Warrior tonight?
The Top Destruction: Plain and Simple, DESTROY HIM!!!!
Chris Kayoz: What has gotten in the mind of The Top Destruction!?
Keri Richardson: Okay, last question.. Why did u come to this Federation?
The Top Destruction: Because this federation is among the best!
* The Top Destruction walks away and pauses when he sees his locker room door, he sees a note that reads " I wish you the best of luck tonight.." The Top Destruction looks puzzled and then enters his locker room and then all the sudden his phone rings.*
The Top Destruction: Hello, Who is this?
* All the sudden the guy hangs up*
Chris Kayoz: What the heck is happening with TTD?
* The Top Destruction begins to head to the ring and his music start to play*
* the crowd boos*
The Top Destruction: Hello... last week on Saturday i was the one that attacked the fan and i said i would destroy myself not this tuesday but the next saturday.. but i decided i would debut tonight!!!
* crowd begins to boo*
The Top Destruction: You can boo me all you want it wont make me different.. so lets get to the point.. My Name is The Top Destruction and i am here to destroy anything and everything that gets in my way.. Tonight i will be facing Portugese Warrior and I will DESTROY HIM!!!
* crowd boos*
The Top Destruction: Well i just wanted to come out here and give out some words to you losers.. so i better get back to my locker room and get ready for my match.
Chris Kayoz: Wow this guy thinks he is like the best EVER!
* The Top Destruction exits the ring and heads to his locker room*
End of Segment....

The Top Destruction

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