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After ILL match

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After ILL match Empty After ILL match

Post  ILL Pr3daTor on Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:24 pm

ILL Pr3daTor gets on his knees and looks down.

Jamie Morgan: What are you doing?! We lost because of you!

Jamie pushes ILL Pr3daTor.

ILL Pr3daTor: May I remind you that im the one who got us the tag titles! Dont push me!

Jamie pushes ILL Pr3daTor again and this time he falls over.

ILL Pr3daTor: What are you doing?!

Jamie: Trying to get your head back in the game you idiot!

Jamie Morgan jumps on ILL Pr3daTor and starts punching him in the head.

Music plays and Big Murph comes running to the stage.

Jamie Morgon doesnt notice as Big Murph pushes Jamie Morgan over and startes beating him up.

Jamie Morgan quickly slides out of the ring.

ILL Pr3daTor: Thanks for helping me out there.

Big Murph: No problem.

The camera fades out.
ILL Pr3daTor
ILL Pr3daTor

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