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Jura gets some good news

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Jura gets some good news Empty Jura gets some good news

Post  Guest on Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:37 pm

The titantron lights up with an image of a crowded fancy restaurant. The lighting is low, soft music is playing, happy couples sitting at every table.

The camera slowly zooms in on one such table.

We can see the gentleman from the back, short blonde hair, clearly very tall and muscular from his broad back and in an animated conversation with a stunningly beautiful young lady sitting opposite him.

Suddenly his phone rings and he excuses himself to answer it in a gruff scottish accent.

Gentleman into phone: "Yeah? What is it? I told you not to disturb me?........."

The camera pans round as the gentleman listens on his phone.

We can now see that its the current Lockdown Champion Jura for once not wearing his kilt but dressed to impress.

As he listens we see a huge grin break out on his face.

Jura: "Oh yes!! Thats brilliant!! I'm gonna kill him. I need to hit the gym I want to be 110% for destroying him."

With that Jura hangs up and turns to his date: "Sorry babe but I've got a match this week againt that weasely coward Trey, I cant waste time here with you I'm off to hit the gym."

Jura just stands up and throws some cash on the table then turns his back on the astonished woman and goes to walk out the restaurant.

A wrestling fan recognises him and rushes over.

Fan: "Did I just hear right? Are you fighting Trey this weekend? Trey's the greatest, I loved it when he was champion."

Jura roars in a fit of rage and picks the frightened fan up clean off the ground.

Jura: "Trey!! You think Trey was a great champion? All he did was hide from the best. This match would never happen if Trey was champion, he'd be hiding trying to protect his title. But not me, I'll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime!"

A smile plays across his face: "In fact I think my match with Trey should be for the title. Lets makes sure Trey brings everything he's got, I don't want any excuses when I leave him crying in the corner of the ring after a Jura's Snare."

With that Jura turns his back on the astonished crowd and struts out the restaurant laughing.


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